Do you need a Psychological Telephone Consultation? 

If you have something you would like to consult a psychologist about, but aren’t interested in engaging in psychotherapy, then you might find that a telephone consultation is the best option for your needs.

Telephone consultations are best for

1. specific questions that you have about a current situation.

2. understanding warning signs or symptoms in yourself or others that might warrant further action

3. family disputes over issues like inheritance, caregiving responsibiltiies, parenting or relationship decisions.

4. requests for information about psychological or medical problems from a psychological perspective


Telephone Consultation is not designed for:

1. Treating psychological symptoms or disorders

2. Changing dysfunctional family dynamics

3. Assessment of psychological problems or diagnoses

If you are looking to address these types of issues then please make an appointment to meet in person and discuss an assessment appointment to fully determine your needs.

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